Monday, September 30, 2013

Bust Magazine: Oakland!

Really enjoyed spending time in Oakland to shoot this travel story for Bust Magazine. The East Bay has so much to offer; I'm always looking for an excuse to spend the day over there. And now, commuting on a new Bay Bridge!

It was cool to discover places new to me like the beatutiful Mountainview Cemetery and Gondola Servizio on Lake Merritt. And to visit some new favorites like Brown Sugar Kitchen and Mua. I have been a BIG FAN of BUST for years (big fan!) and I am pretty excited to share this. 

© 2013 Angela DeCenzo Photography. All Rights Reserved.


Jennifer said...

Yay Angela! SO awesome! Did the issue already come out?

Angela DeCenzo said...

Yes it did Jenn, it's the October issue and it's out now:)